Video Production – 6 Steps to Make More Videos Quicker

There is simply no better way to promote your business or services than with video but with that being said it can be quite daunting at first. If you want your videos to be successful they need to look and sound professional without taking up too much of our time.

Time is precious and creating marketing videos for your business can take a lot longer than updating your status on your favourite social network but the rewards are far greater.


Common Video Production Obstacles

There are 2 main problems people face when it comes to video production and due to this they spend way too much time trying to make videos. These two problems are a lack of a system and not enough knowledge.

Let me explain further, the first problem is a lack of a clear system that you can use again and again when shooting videos. If you do not have a system you will waist too much time trying to shoot videos off the cuff every time you pull out the camera.

You need to create a system that works for you then stick to it this will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend shooting each video.

The second problem is the jack of all trades conundrum. If you simply don’t have the skills to edit video then get it outsourced, most entrepreneurs tend to think they have to do it all themselves which is simply not true. Stick to what you are good at and outsource the rest!

If you spend the time and follow the six strategies listed below you will be making rockstar videos your audience wants to watch and drastically reduce the amount of time spent doing it. As they say time is money so let’s get shooting!

Here are 6 Strategies to help you shave precious time off your video production process…

1. Create a shot list – plan and prepare videos that your audience actually wants to watch
2. Script all your videos – every minute spent planning an preparing will save you 20 minutes in post-production
3. Have a studio – or at least mark where your lights need to go to save you time setting up
4. Block off a filming day – multi-tasking does not work film all your videos in a single day
5. Block off a day just for editing – then you can edit all your videos and then plan how and  when you are going to distribute them online
6. Use equipment you know how to use – otherwise you are simply not going to use it

Make MORE Videos in LESS Time (6 Ways)